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Rhombus University has a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology leading to licensure in California as a Marriage and Family Therapist or Professional Clinical Counselor. The science and tools of psychology will be presented from a biblical worldview and explored through many different theories and perspectives. Low tuition and a robust online learning platform allow students from any schedule and walk of life to pursue this powerful degree. Students will engage experts from around the world as well as leaders in their community to pave a way for their future. Get more information today.

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Why Rhombus University?

Biblical Worldview

The foundation of the lectures from faculty start with a biblical worldview and then consider other perspectives from science, research, philosophy and more. This biblical worldview includes a literal understanding of Genesis, God creating the world, God creating people in his image, sin entering the world, the consequences of sin, redemption from Christ, our purpose of earth now, and the hope for the future. Rhombus will look at what Scripture says about people, the mind, our thoughts and emotions, relationships, suffering, and many other topics important in psychology to understanding people.

Pay As You Go

Our goal is for students to be debt free when they graduate and have more freedom to pursue their goals God has placed on them. Students will pay monthly installments similar to a car payment and go at the pace they can afford.


Information is easily accessible from anywhere in the world due to high speed internet. Rhombus plans to use technology to its fullest to give a rich, connected training experience producing highly effective clinicians. Students will participate in a weekly live class that will be focused on a relevant topic, such as something from current news or a core topic of psychology. The expert begins the class and students interact based on the class they are in, each engaging the material from different perspectives. If a student is in Law & Ethics, he/she will look at the topic from this consideration. The result is looking at the very important topic from many different perspectives to more fully understand and be ready to apply the information.

Practical Training

What many do not realize is how much business is needed to do well in the counseling profession. Rhombus University will integrate throughout the curriculum the value of a feedback loop to identify what the student could correct to become excellent in communication, counseling skills, networking, presenting, management, leadership, and more. These skills will allow students to go farther in the profession and possibly build something of their own upon completion of the degree.

Community Engagement

Also integrated throughout the curriculum are assignments that have students integrate into their local community. Students will identify and connect with local agencies and churches to begin assessing needs and building connections. The goal would be for the student to have a local network built by the time they graduate with a clear understanding of how they can impact their community. Rhombus will also support their future efforts in their community.

Rhombus Model

The Rhombus Model is a process of looking at topics and situations from many different perspectives to find the most valuable information or tools. This process is important for all therapists, but we believe specifically Christians need to a have a process to stay above reproach and remain ethical in the counseling field. Each student will practice this and will be equipped with methods for both excelling as a counselor and abiding by legal and ethical principles in the psychology and counseling fields.


The Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology currently meets requirements in California to pursue licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist and/or a Professional Clinical Counselor. We believe Christians having the professional credential is highly important and will pursue accreditation, a Psy.D. degree, and hope to eventually allow students to pursue the psychologist license.

About the Degree Program

Master of Arts Counseling Psychology Degree

The Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology degree is a comprehensive and multifaceted preparation for professional Christian counselors to effectively meet the mental health and relationship needs of diverse people groups and families in California and underserved populations throughout the world. This preparation includes knowledge of the historical, foundational, and evidence-based theories of psychology, counseling, and systemic marriage and family therapy from a biblical worldview, the clinical competence training in skills and qualities necessary for effective therapy, a global and multidimensional perspective of health and pathology, and a personal and professional preparation for leadership and community intervention.

MACP Program Objectives

  1. Increase opportunities for Christians from many different cultures, languages, socioeconomic status to receive training and mentoring in advanced knowledge and skill of the counseling and psychology profession.
  2. Support students through the learning of many theories and methods of treatment for mental health difficulties considering various perspectives of health and the needs of underserved populations in the world.
  3. Guide students through a comprehensive educational program, emphasizing both demonstration of knowledge gained and skill development, including demonstration of competency in building a therapeutic alliance, assessment, treatment planning, diagnosing, crisis intervention, documentation, evaluation and progress monitoring, connecting people with local resources, all from a systems perspective considering culture, religion, socioeconomic status, family of origin and other systems impacting people.
  4. Develop academically and professionally skilled individuals with excellent writing ability, research skills, presentation ability, quality interpersonal communication skills, ability to network in the community, management and leadership quality and mentoring of others.
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